Neil Clavin is an experience strategist for the research, design and development of networked places, products and services which scale, deepen relationships and create compelling experiences for citizens, users and consumers. His studio creates strategies, prototypes and simulations for cities, product manufacturers and organisations.

Neil defines how organisations can achieve their goals via  designed experiences. He applies user-centred experience design to improve the quality of life and drive social change.

Recently he has led proposals for sensor networks for Copenhagen’s bicycle transport, a redesign of the US dollar as an on demand trackable currency and augmenting print magazines with online content and functionality.

From 2004-2010 he led the research and design of future product concepts for Vodafone Group including Vodafone 360. He worked as an interaction designer for BBC from 1999-2003 designing mobile concepts and web & interactive TV experiences including myBBC a cross-platform personal homepage and news aggregator. During 1998-1999 he assisted in research into the mobile phone as urban interface at the Royal College of Art.

His educational background covers architecture, interaction design and design management.

The studio engages in consultancy and public competitions for new urban, product and service initiatives. The studio provides the interface between the goals of the organisation and the needs of users through project definition, research, design and strategy and links to a large international network of like-minded collaborators. Whether you wish to share opportunities, engage with the studio on a project or simply make an introduction contact Neil Clavin directly at hello@neilclavin.com

This site provides you first insight into the studio’s projects and a channel to engage in a discourse on the work and the evolution of smart cities, participatory urbanism,feedback loops, augmented experiences and the internet of things.  You can also follow project developments and participate on Facebook and Twitter.