Week 7: You are invited to the Urban Interface Safari: Cologne – Sunday 11 March 2012

Today our cities are full of cameras, monitors, sensors, antennae, wifi networks, cables, signals and displays. Devices and interfaces collecting, displaying and acting on information.

As citizens we often don’t notice these devices in our streets and neighbourhoods. We rarely think about what information is being collected or how that information is being used. Let’s take a closer look at our city and examine how technology responds to and influences our experiences.

You’re invited to participate in the first Urban Interface Safari on Sunday 11 March 2012 in central Cologne. You will join a group to take a free unusual walking tour of your city, meet interesting new people and contribute to building a collection of photos of urban interfaces throughout the world. The event is a collaboration with Bottled City – a community focussed organisation who seek to involve people to actively participate in the cities they live in.

A walking tour

Urban Interface Safari is an unusual guided walking tour of your city to find interesting examples of how technology and information are integrated into our cities. The tour takes 90 minutes at a leisurely pace around a central part of the city exploring an area of about one or two square kilometres. The important thing is to observe – its not a race!  Free maps of the city ‘grid’ we will walk will be available with a checklist of things to look out for.

Participants are asked to pay particular attention to:

- Places where information is being collected by the network.
- Places where networked information is being displayed.
- Places where networked information is being acted upon, either by people directly, or by physical systems that affect the choices people have available to them.

The walking tour is based on the guidelines for a ‘walkshop’ pioneered by Adam Greenfield and Nurri Kim of Do Projects. You can download a pdf or read it online here.

Meet new people

Photo by Do Projects : Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Sharealike

The Urban Safari connects you with interesting new people in your city. The group will be  about 8-15 people. The tour is aimed at citizens, technologists, urbanists, architects, developers, designers, dancers or anyone with an interest in this topic! After the tour we will regroup in a friendly local cafe and discuss what we observed, share photos and review our maps. Hopefully we can make some friends too!

Build a collection of photographs

The Urban Safari involves you in building a collection of photographs of urban interfaces throughout world cities, getting a credit for your input and adding to our understanding of the networked city experience.

To get a better understanding of the hidden role of technology in your city register for the Urban Interface Safari today!

Sign up

Sign up via the Facebook event page


Total time: 3 hours

Date: Sunday 11 March 2012

Meeting point. Outside “Zeitcafe” , Köln Hbf 

Meeting time: 14:00

Tour: 14:00 -15:30

Cafe discussion (location TBA but probably quite designery/hipsterish) : 15:30 – 17:00


Equipment you will need

Shoes you can walk comfortably in.
A digital camera or camera phone (optional)
A pen.


Tour and discussion in English.


Free!  (You will need some cash to pay for your own coffee and cake though)




About the organisers

Neil Clavin Studio

Neil Clavin studio is a practice for the strategic design of networked places, things and experiences. The studio wants to involve the public to collect, discuss and document examples of ‘urban interfaces’ in the city. The goal is to raise awareness of the networked city, connect with like-minded people and collectively build a collection of ‘urban interfaces’ throughout the world.

Bottled City

Bottled City is a collective of makers, growers and changers who notice that it’s easier to consume a city than to be part of it.

Opportunities to buy things are everywhere. And you don’t need to know anyone, speak a local language or try very hard to find them. But opportunities to take part in a local initiative or learn something from a local expert can be hard to tap into.

So we’re bottling them. We create experiences that make it easy to be part of the city. Join us.