Week 5: On the delicate nature of beginnings

The purpose of this studio is to work on projects which genuinely interest me in new areas. Areas which I find more fertile and fun than some of those which are so heavily mediated at the moment like mobile phones, social media, interactive TV. The studio’s focus is broadly on networked places and things.

Of course there is a need to make the studio sustainable. This will be done by a mixture of consultancy, contract work and creation of small products which explore an area or represent a proof of concept. It is intended these products will also have some commercial value.

This week has mainly been devoted to hacking out a proof of concept for a project which has been on the ‘someday maybe’ list for quite some time. Like any idea at an early stage it is very delicate. I prefer to build on the idea with actions rather than talking about it at this stage. Suffice to say its something to do with feedback loops and its currently under the working title of ‘Atmosphäre’.