Augmenting print magazines to increase circulation, deepen connection with readers and extend content © 2011 Neil Clavin. All rights reserved.


Augmenting print magazines to increase circulation, deepen connection with readers and extend content.

Insert is a response to a public competition by Layar to integrate augmented reality into print. Layar seeks concepts which drive high frequency use of its software based on a per use licensing model. The concept focuses on augmenting the experience of print magazines.

Printed magazines face new opportunities and challenges in the internet age with competition from online and tablet based magazines. This has led to a major campaign promoting the advantages of print.

Most  magazines depend on advertising for profit and sustainability. Advertising revenue is linked to the circulation of the magazine. Online magazines are a threat to print magazines advertising revenue.

Insert augments printed magazines to increase circulation, connect to advertisers and enhance content:

  • Circulation is increased by sharing content digitally, making subscription easier, bookmarking content to read online.
  • Readers are connected to advertisers by facilitating search, linking to sites and interacting with adverts directly.
  • Content is enhanced beyond the static page by integrating community, adding audio-visual content and extending information online.


Increase circulation

Sharing content and recommending magazines increases circulation. Insert provides functions to: recommend a magazine, share an article or clipping.

Subscribing online is the preferred method for readers. Insert provides functions to connect to online subscription and provide extra digital content for subscribers

Saving content for later allows readers to read on digital devices and refers content back to the source. Insert provides functions to bookmark an article to read later on a digital device.

Connect readers with advertisers

Print magazines rank No. 1 at influencing consumers to start a search online. Insert provides functions to search for more information about a product or service, generate a custom search about a product or service, translate text in a foreign language magazine.

This article is about an amazing company called Mission Motors who design and build a high performance electric motorbike. Highlighting the words in the article can generate a search for Mission Motors.

 36% of digital magazine readers click on a link with more information for an advert.  Insert provides functions to link to more information about an advertisers product or service and share a link with a contact.


People surf the internet, they swim in magazines. Insert deepens engagement with advertisers – providing functions to watch additional video supplied by advertiser, enter a contest and unlock a coupon.

Extend editorial content

Insert integrates community functions: to view and add comments on an article, view ‘likes’ for an article and follow a the magazine or a topic.

Insert integrates audio visual and digital content. Insert provides functions to watch additional video content, listen to audio  and  link to a product page for an item

Insert integrates additional information available digitally. Insert provide functions to find more information about a writer, photographer, illustrator, explore and add tags of people, places and products to photos, find related stories and mentions on social networks.


Insert augments printed magazines to increase circulation through sharing, online subscriptions and bookmarking; connects to advertisers through integrating search, links and interaction with adverts; and extends editorial content by integrating community, audio-visual material and extra information online.


  • Neil Clavin